Try the Opposite


Here is an excerpt from Aja Thomas’ Freedom Blog. He’s pictured above.

Essentially, any unhappiness is caused by not getting what we think we want. The sense of “I” wants what it deems as desireable and rejects what it sees as undesireable. Thus causing the unhappiness.

Nisargadatta said something to the effect of… “You are unhappy because you want what you don’t have and don’t want what you do have. Just turn that around – Want what you have, and don’t want what you don’t have.” The simplicity of it is overwhelming, however, the practice is often another thing.

So, another way of looking at Nisargadatta’s statement is switch ‘more’ for ‘less’……

The less you know, the more you know.

Want more money? Try wanting less money.

Think you are more special? Recognize you are less special.

Think you should do more? Try doing less? (Or try Be-ing more)

Want more people to like you? Try wanting less people to like you. (or want to like others more)

Think you deserve more. Consider that you deserve less. (or be grateful for the more you have).

Think you need more knowledge? Trying needing less knowledge.

I think you get the picture. Simply see when some sort of unhappiness or resistance or desire arises which says you want more (or less) of something, and try turning it around. What would it be like to have or want the opposite in some way?

Recognize who or what it is that is desiring that, and inquire into the very reality of that “I” which is desiring. Recognize that when there is no desiring, but rather a satisfaction with what is, then there is peace, and from peace comes happiness.

So, how to live happily, more or less? Try the opposite. It just might work.


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