Being Powerful

50048Gaining power is a desire at the core of all humans beings, whether that be power from money, muscles, beauty or knowledge. Everyone wants to be strong in their own way so they can choose their destiny.

Evolutionary biology demonstrates this natural growth in the direction of stronger and better. But there comes a point when the pursuit of power over something becomes a weakness. If we are still trying to dominate our environment, no matter how subtly it may be, then we are just fighting for survival, fighting against our fear of loss and fleeing from weakness.

True power is found in the balance of power and powerlessness, strength and weakness. Ironically, our distaste for being powerless and weak prevents us from being truly powerful and strong.

Allowing weakness, inviting fear, making friends with pain is half the path to real power. The more we can yield, the more fluid, efficient and authentically powerful we become.

From a more esoteric point of view, cosmic power is infinitely greater than any power that can be conceived of by a small human intellect. Cosmic power is beyond all dualities – it knows no opposition and no resistance. It is infinite in its potential and expresses itself as strength and weakness – yin and yang – in this divine drama that we call life.


Quotes from Lao Tzu:

Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.

If the force of arms is considered the only means of authority, it is not an auspicious instrument.

Force begets force.

The harder one tries, the more resistance one creates for oneself.

Glorification of wealth, power and beauty beget crime, envy and shame.

The qualities of flexibility and suppleness, especially as exemplified by water, are superior to rigidity and strength.



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