In Between Times

zen garden

Most of our time is spent in between things. This “in between” place is the area of life that has the most to offer us, but so often we run away from it to the next thing.

Our in between times occur when we are moving from one room to another, sitting in traffic, waiting for ads on TV to finish, or walking from the carpark to the shop.

If we stop and consider this ‘in between time’ we conclude that it is time wasted, down-time, useless time.

But we have it all wrong. These moments are fascinating, useful and there is always plenty going on. It’s just that we miss it because we’re distracted by some dream of the future or some memory of the past. The babbling mind keeps us out of the present.

Looking for fulfillment in some future experience is a dubious approach because our dream may or may not happen, it is usually fleeting and quickly replaced by the next dream. We are perpetually in a state of anticipation which breeds anxiety, discontent and impatience.

So what is the most profitable use of our time? The most rewarding approach is not waiting for some future event to complete us, but resting in the knowledge that everything is always already here.

If we were to stop and relax for a moment and pay attention to life as it happens around us, we will find that it is rich and full and without conflict. Nothing needs to be added or taken away to make life whole and full. In this moment we are complete.


Confine yourself to the present – Marcus Aurelius.

Keep an eye on the future, but live in the present.

What is wrong with right now – unless you think about it?

Everything is not as it seems, but it is also not otherwise.

What is here is everywhere. What is not here is nowhere.



One Response to “In Between Times”

  1. Paul Brunton Says:

    The earnest seeker is always busy, for whenever there is a slackness of time he has business to transact with the true self.

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