Reading the Elements


Profiling is an amazing tool for seeing more deeply into life and enriching our experience of the world.

According to profiling is defined as:

“A set of characteristics or qualities that identify a type or category of person or thing”

Profiling gives definite parameters to make comparisons and distinctions, but rather than fragmenting our perception it shows us the unity and order that underlies everything.

Many traditions around the world have their own universal “building blocks,” which are different names for essentially the same thing. The Indian system of earth, ether, fire, water and air. Or the Chinese categories of water, fire, metal, wood and earth. The Greeks used sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic.

One of the many benefits of profiling is the ability to extrapolate information and understand how to balance and cultivate different qualities.

For example, if we see a picture of someone with red hair we know that the fire element is strong in them and we can expect to find further qualities such as determination, anger, impulsiveness, sensitive skin, digestive troubles, etc. The better we are at determining the amount of fire element, its quality and the presence of other elements, then the more accurate our extrapolation will be.

If a person has a lot of fire element they are susceptible to heat imbalances, so we know that hot curries will aggravate and iced tea will soothe.

If someone has a lot of the cold water element then hot curries are prescribed to dry them out and iced teas are contraindicated because they will exacerbate the cold.

Unfortunately, such simple wisdom is not so common. A person with a skin inflammation (fire element) may have heard that saunas (fire element) are “good for you” and will help them to “sweat it out.” Predictably, it will make the situation worse because there is too much heat.

The basic advice for bringing balance is to “apply the opposite.” Dry is balanced by oily, wet with dry, cold with heat, hard with soft, irritated with calm. An extreme example would be the uncontained scattered air element of a crazy person being balanced by the containment of a straightjacket.

So we can learn to read our environment. If we see that a business is exhibiting a low quality fire element in its management or activities (such as used car dealers and property developers), then we may expect criminal or bullying type of activity. Conversely, if we see high quality fire element in a business then we can assume efficiency, courage, power, organization, and clear purpose.

The elements don’t lie. In fact, the truth is advertised in broad daylight, we just have to know the language. And by knowing the language we see the cosmic order that is all around us and learn the secret to balance and harmony.


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