Acceptance Versus Resignation

ph_1tall_taiji2It is amazing how the idea of acceptance is so thoroughly misunderstood. It seems that many of us confuse acceptance with resignation, which is completely different.

Acceptance means to be at peace with a situation. Resignation is being defeated – it is disempowerment and submission. Very often we say we have accepted a situation, yet have no peace. We have resigned to the situation, continue to resist it silently and repress our true feelings which fester under the surface, often with no awareness of what we are doing.

We say we have surrendered our burdens to God, yet we have not. We continue to carry our burdens ourselves and continue to suffer for it.

We say we have forgiven those who trespass against us, yet we still feel a pinch when they come to mind.

A person who accepts life has no inner conflicts. Instead he enjoys the effortless peace of pure consciousness which never goes away, even if involved in intense conflict such as a battlefield.

Unfortunately, many of us do not know this peace and thus make all kinds of fraudulent claims. Without knowing it, we say that inner conflict is peace, attachment is love, egotism is strength, violence is power, sickness is health, deceit is integrity, appearance is reality and resignation is acceptance.

The reality, as declared by those who enjoy supreme peace, is that consciousness is peace, consciousness is love, consciousness is strength, consciousness is power, consciousness is health and consciousness is acceptance. Consciousness is your already-existing true nature waiting to be recognised.


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