Lessons From India

I’ve just returned from a great trip to India. The reason I went there was to learn from Swami-ji who is an extremely rare gem. I’ve been around a lot of spiritual teachers and I’ve learned to distinguish the good beginners from the more advanced.


Swami-ji is not like other teachers – he really knows what he is talking about. Many teachers are well-versed in some aspect, but their knowledge stops there. His authority comes from wide experience on many levels (he’s about 80 can walk faster than me). He says that being a spiritual teacher is risky because there is a lot of responsibility. If things go wrong, as they often do, then a teacher has to know how to fix it.

For example, many people met Swami Muktananda and received Shaktipat and gained all kinds of sidhis and awakenings, but if they ever became unstable, which was common, then they were referred to a psychiatrist(!!!) or told to get lost. Swami-ji did not consider this to be responsible conduct.

Meditating by the Ganges River next to Yoga Vasishta’s Cave.

This is Yogi – a baby elephant. He had amazing energy. I felt very, very happy after being near him.

Yours truly by the holy Ganges River with Ram Jhula foot-bridge in the background and the beginning of the Himalaya mountain range.

Swami-ji has two cars with full-time drivers. He says if you have to drive your own car in India, then you don’t get respect. Driving in India is very hard work.

On our way out we stopped at new temple in Delhi for Swami Narayana – a 18th century saint. It is a massive, clean, high security development. We did a log-flume ride that show-cased India and its history. Our group included Swami-ji, Joan (his successor in the lineage), three Americans in white and me.

Here we are at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Dehli.

We went to a number of important sites including Swami Sivananda’s hut where he meditated and also Anandamayi Ma’s house where she lived. She is one of India’s most respected modern saints. She dropped the body in 1981. In India a saint is determined by their experience of higher states of consciousness (ie direct realisation of God) and not simply by political activism or good deeds.


Swami-ji was very helpful in unravelling the complicated energetics in my body. He has the ability to see better with his mind than with his eyes. So we would meditate together and then he would tell me what Kundalini was doing in my body. He said that I had a “hole in my bucket,” amongst other things, that was causing me to lose energy.

The hole is a consequence of having had a Kundalini rising in my Saraswati nadi because it disturbed the functioning of manipura chakra. He has given me some practices to retrain the flow of prana in my subtle body. In particular samana vayu was out of balance affecting my digestion and assimilation and creating a chain reaction of negative effects in my mind, emotions and body.


3 Responses to “Lessons From India”

  1. Craig Says:

    Looks like you had a great time PK, good one. I must say that i feel i can provide some help with your bucket problem! May i suggest a release of your Kundalini is required, and once your manipura chakra is again functioning you will feel much better! I’m sure the practice he gave you to retrain your flow will help, but i find the best way to escape my body is looking at pictures.

  2. kiwiinamerica Says:

    Hi Craig, actually Kundalini was released in a previous life and has since been elevated to Makara at Upper Ajna and the disfunction of manipura chakra is a residual tendency, ie a habit of the subtle body, – kind of like switching off a fan and it continues to spin. And I find the best way to escape the body is to realise that I am the unbounded witness of the body and not this pile of meat and desires.

    So you’ve invited another complete stranger into your house. When does this one arrive?

  3. Craig Says:

    Stranger? Oh you mean knocking up the wife.

    Well, i have it on good authority that this little yogi will make an appearance when the Moon is next in Pisces and Mercury is next closest to Earth.

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