My Aura

Last weekend I had an aura photograph done. Here it is:

The man who took it said that yellow did not feature prominently, but rather white-gold.

Although the digital image isn’t as clear as the original photo, the photographer pointed out other colours that he considered to be main features and he said that there were lots: red/pink, deep rose, strong pink, pink/lilac, gold, violet and white. He pointed out secondary colours as golden orange, yellows, yellow green, jade, blue/lilac and indigo/purple.

The colours that are absent are: red/orange, orange, green, blue/green, turquoise, light blue, and deeper blues. Curiously, most people I meet equate me and my brand of transcendental spirituality with deep blue (the colour of Lord Shiva).

In general, the best auras that I have seen were on Purusha and in Vlodrop, Holland – bright, strong, clear, happy. There were also a lot of nice auras in Fairfield. I hardly ever see significant auras in Auckland – I guess just too much city-psychic pollution, and people’s energy is drained by busyness and activities with low spiritual energy.

Here is my aura in June 2005. I have to admit that I was quite shocked at this photo. The presence of orange, red, brown are not what I’d expected. So I’m glad it has changed.

For your interest, I found some other aura pictures on the net:

Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen

The dark red in the aura photograph of Lawrence shows he is ambitious, motivated and intense. However it can mean he is in danger of burning out and draining himself.

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is the UK’s premier celebrity designer and artist. In 1996 the first episode of Laurence’s BBC TV series “Changing Rooms” was broadcast. Its immense success turned him into a household name.

Michael Ball

Michael was appearing in a concert and was on a ‘high’. The bright yellow appearing on his right side indicates the performer, putting on the glamour, the show, it is an extrovert energy. Along with the red it shows his motivation and high energy. It marks a time in his life where he is focused on career success.

Michael Ball, Britain’s leading musical star and the Variety Club Best Recording Artiste for 1998, has starred on Broadway and dominated the marquees on many of the leading West End shows for more than a decade.

Diana Cooper

Taken before she became famous, this striking photo shows the presence of an angelic being standing behind her.

Diana Cooper is the UK’s best known and most prolific author on Atlantis, angels and spiritual development. She is active internationally and regularly seen in the media around the world. Her 13 books are published in over 20 languages.

Chris Eubank

Chris has a green aura, which shows he is kind and caring, far more than people realise. The yellow above his head indicates stress at this time in his life.

Chris was the World Super Middlewight boxing champion in the early nineties. He was and remains British boxing’s most enigmatic performer. He wears a monacle, has a lisp, and is a very extravagant dresser. He’s also a family man.


2 Responses to “My Aura”

  1. vinnie Says:

    Where did you get it done? I’m in Auckland too

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