Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Last week Maharishi Mahesh Yogi passed away. He was in his 90s. I am very grateful to Maharishi for his personal guidance and the learning and growth and good times that came from my association with the TM organisation.

Here is what Howard Stern has to say about Maharishi’s passing and how TM saved his mother’s life. This was broadcast on Howard Stern’s daily show on Feb 6, 2008.

Be sure to listen, you’ll like it. It’s about 17 minutes long and is a very positive and sincere discussion, which is unusual for Howard.


2 Responses to “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”

  1. Steve Says:

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the link, SDS. It was very interesting and I, and many others, have always wondered about what really happened between Maharishi and Deepak. The people I know who knew Deepak in those days all say that he is a very good man.

    I have met a number of other enlightened people and they all have defects in their personalities. And this is where so many people get it wrong. Enlightenment is not about personality, lifestyle, behaviour, emotional balance, health etc. It is about connection to God (who is within; Luke 17:21). There are tell-tale clues, but mostly these people live among us without anyone knowing the depth of who they are.

    One saying which has stood me in good stead when meeting these people is, “Fullness of experience does not necessarily mean fullness of knowledge.” Which is to say, someone may be experiencing 24/7 absolute peace, freedom etc but not know how to express it to others, or have any idea about worldly things like politics or money even though they may have strong opinions.

    For example, I visited Elysha last year and spent six hours a day with him for six weeks. He is angry, judgemental, ignorant (he believed Yogananda, Maharishi and Buddha were “absolutely not enlightened”) and had the most vulgar language of anyone that I’ve met, yet he was definitely enlightened to some degree. Most people met him and dismissed him as a fraud, but they missed out. He was best to be around when he was silent.

    It is also a mistake to think that charisma, intition, vitality or flashy psychic displays are proofs of enlightenment. They are not.

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