The reign of Saturn is nearly over. I’ve been in Saturn mahadasha since February 1989 and at the end of next month I move in Mercury mahadasha. Looking forward to it a whole lot.

Also, I’ve been meaning to blog about the statement, “Real happiness abides in Self-knowledge alone.” To put it in laymans terms, self-knowledge means consciously experiencing your soul.

Intellectual understanding will not set you free. The unbounded freedom, bliss, and real happiness found in the soul only comes from its direct experience. During meditation, with the complete settling of the activity of the mind, what remains is the real YOU – pure consciousness, Being – stainless, pure, absolute, eternal.

The most famous Vedic text the Bhagavad Gita says:

A lamp which does not flicker in a windless place – to such is compared the yogi of subdued thought practising Union with the Self. (6.19)

Be a Yogi and learn to live from the freedom of your soul.


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