One Bowl


All the books I’ve read on healthy food have left me wondering what to eat because there is so much contradictory advice – meat/vegetarian, milk/no milk, acid/alkaline, etc. So here is a book that solves this: One Bowl: A Guide to Eating for Body and Spirit.

One Bowl proposes a simple but extraordinarily powerful idea: By adopting a single bowl as the vessel for your meals, you will become more aware of the food you eat, how you eat, and the effects (large and small) of particular foods on your body and your spiritual and physical well-being. Author Don Gerrard guides us through every process of adapting to the one-bowl philosophy of eating, including choosing a bowl, deciding what to fill it with, and being attentive to every stage of eating and digestion. Although not rooted in any single spiritual tradition, One Bowl is certain to resonate with everyone who can appreciate that the Buddha, for example, ate out of one bowl, in silence, whether eating by himself or in a group.

I stayed at Aio Wira health retreat one time and I asked the long time manager who were the healthiest people based on her observations: vegetarians, vegans, frutarians, raw foodists, omnivores etc. She said all groups had very healthy people and it was more about what they didn’t eat than what they did. They did not eat processed or junk food, they did not eat too much, they did not eat when they were not hungry and above all, they listened to their bodies.


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