Patea: the town that Vodafone forgot.

I am now living in Patea, a small town on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand, which does not have good cellphone reception. I am here because there is a meditation centre here run by a knowledgeable and accomplished yogi called Elysha. Elysha is an unsual character – similar to Nisargadatta Maharaj in a number of ways.

We do a lot of meditation – nine hours a day – most of it with our eyes open. Overall it is a
great experience being here – though very challenging. I’m here for six weeks as a visitor and may come back after Christmas and find a job. I’ll make up my mind at the end of the six weeks.

Here are some pics:

This is Princess Misky Arabella – aka “Kitty” She loves to playfight.

My awesome wagon.

I’m living in a flat with three others. There are two couples that live in another house around the corner and Elysha lives with his girlfriend up the road. It is a very happy situation – and lots of laughs. Which is a big plus and offsets to some degree the challenge of so much meditation.

Sign outside a shop in Hawera – the main town nearby. The next closest town is Wanganui – which everyone seems to hate. New Plymouth is about an hour away.

This is the main road in Patea with Mt Egmont in the background. Population is 1300.


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