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May 18, 2007

An Irish man locked his keys in his car. It took him two hours to get his family out.

A nun is taking a bath when there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?” she asks. “The blind man,” comes the reply. She tells him to come in and he says, “Nice boobs. Where do I put the blinds?”


Looking forward to coming home….

May 14, 2007

Marcus Aurelius

May 13, 2007


Marcus Aurelius Antoninus is regarded as one of the greatest emperors in Roman history; he is numbered among the “Five Good Emperors.” Marcus ruled the vast empire from 161 to 180 AD. A highly intelligent man, he stands out as one of the greatest intellectual rulers in Western Civilization. Although a great military leader, Marcus was impressed with a firm desire for peace that manifested itself in his philosophical writings.

What a Good Dog

May 2, 2007


The owner of a small dog that was mauled as it protected children from a pitbull attack says he’s reluctant to get a replacement while unsecured dogs roam his town.

George, a nine-year-old Jack Russell terrier, was put down after being savagely attacked by two pitbulls in the Taranaki township of Manaia on Sunday.

George was walking into town with a group of children who lived next door when the pitbulls rushed the group, heading for a four-year-old boy.

The boy’s 11-year-old brother, Richard Rosewarne, said George started barking and rushed at the pitbulls as the children ran away.

IMHO, pitbulls should be banned. Like automatic weapons, they cause a disproportionate amount of casualties.