Current happenings

I am a book addict. Every few days I seem to buy a book or three from There are just so many fascinating books there! I just bought one for $0.01. Though shipping is $3.49, it’s still a very good deal.

I am a member of Netflix and have movies sent to me. It is extremely convenient and they have a wide range of up to date and historical DVDs only a click away. I am also a member of an audio book club. It’s just like Netflix, only with CDs. I have signed up to receive 4 at a time. When they arrive I rip them to my harddrive at a very low quality and thus low file size. It works out to be about 13mb per hour of book. I needed a device to play it on and decided that an iPod Nano would be best since I have a Mac. But I also reasoned that a Nano could be one of those items that you buy, use once or twice and then put in the cupboard with the unused golf clubs and exercise equipment. So I bought a refurbished Creative MP3 player from for $7.95. It only has 64mb, but at one time it was state of the art. 64mb works out to over four hours of listening. It is extremely convenient and I use it a lot – walking to work and around campus. No hurry to buy a Nano now, though it would be good having a screen.

A friend of mine showed me his cell phone and said it was also a 2GB MP3 player. I was impressed and it got me thinking about getting a phone, MP3 player, camera and PDA all mixed into one device. It would be very useful. As for all the harmful EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) from the phone, I think I’ve found a solution. It’s called Qlink and it is a pendant that you wear around your neck. It is recommended by a very knowledge microbiologist whose books I’ve read and is not associated with the Qlink company. It has sold over 1,000,000 units apparently and costs US$99.00. It is very popular with athletes and golfers for some reason. A friend on mine here is very sensitive and has trouble with EMFs. She has ordered one so soon I’ll be able to see what the effect is. They say it works like a tuning fork and harmonises the frequencies around. It does not require batteries.

My attention is more and more on my trip home. I feel that I have changed a whole lot in very positive ways since I have been here. Fairfield is a great place to live, but I feel that it’s time to move on. I look around at all the great people and friends that I’ve made, but there is no point being attached because that will just cause unhappiness. This place has so much going for it. There is always something going on – the students are an interesting bunch. And I feel that the American culture has soaked a bit too much into my awareness. I now naturally write dates backwards, say “answering machine” instead of “answerphone” and think that the word “programme” looks funny. I am still 2 years away from finishing my degree, but then I came here for an education and not a degree.

I’ll keep you all posted about my travel plans and return dates.


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  1. mark Says:

    Also popular with athletes/joggers etc is the portable radio. This device (often found for less than USD99) will give you extraordinary amounts of information on localised EMF radiation, including data on environmental weather patterns, regional transportation information, current events and cyclic three minute harmonic compositions.

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