Taupo Ironman

So it three years ago that my brother Stevo put himself through the punishment of the Taupo Ironman in secure a place in the exclusive Ironman club.

From the NZ Herald blog:

About 1000 people packed into the Taupo events centre for the Carbo Loading Party to cram in as much bread, pasta and potatoes before Saturday’s big race.

With much of the discussion on my table focusing on how many Ironman races people have competed in or how nervous people are before their first race, I can’t help but feel slightly embarrassed when I reply, after devouring a mouthful of free food, that I’m not here to compete – especially after discovering there are three people aged 70 who are racing on Saturday.

My first impression of the Ironman is that you must have to be slightly mad to want to swim 3.8km, cycle 180km and run 42km all in one day. So you can probably imagine my reaction when Mike Ramsey and Tony Jackson are honoured for competing in every single New Zealand Ironman that has been raced. That’s 22 in all and both make no mention of stopping any time soon.


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