Inclement Weather



I rang a company and got an answering machine (Yanks don’t say answerphone) with the message, “We are closed today due to the inclement weather.” defines inclement as:
1. (of the weather, the elements, etc.) severe, rough, or harsh; stormy.
2. not kind or merciful.

This is indeed an accurate word for today. This morning I looked out the window and saw that it was snowing – horizontally. So I put on my cold-weather gear and walked to work. It turned out not to be that cold, just snowing and windy. But it’s a pain in the ass having to walk through knee deep snow if I’m going any distance – like to town, which I also did today. Now I’m home, I’m going to turn off the phone, lock my door, have a hot shower and veg out until tomorrow when I’ll do it all again. (The pics above were taken from my dorm at dusk.)

I keep thinking that the smartest man in the presidential race is Al Gore. This is because he hasn’t said that he’s running yet. I think he’s waiting for the other candidates to exhaust themselves and their sponsors’ funds and over-expose themselves to the public in the near two-year run up to the election (election day is 4 Nov 08). He’ll show up one day as a fresh face, having stood back and taken in the ever-shifting political landscape and solve the voters’ dilemma: Do I vote for a black man or a white woman? Al Gore has rebranded himself as far more charismatic than the boring fuddy-duddy that we used to think he was. I’ll vote for him by persuading a Yank to vote my way.


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