Weather Warning

Dear Campus Residents and M.U.M. Community,

Please be advised, and share this information with all your friends:

* In Fairfield and throughout Southeast Iowa, we can expect, through the weekend and several days following, bitterly cold temperatures accompanied by significant wind speeds. The combination of these factors produces a “Wind Chill Index.”

* For the next several days, we could experience a wind chill index of -20 degrees F (-29C). The wind speed, combined with freezing temperatures, can make you feel even colder, because the wind pulls heat away from the body.

* Through the next several days, you could experience frostbite in as little as 20 minutes of exposure. Frostbite is when your body tissue freezes. While outside, take extra care to cover face, hands and ears.

* A loss of feeling on the exposed body parts is an indication you should go indoors immediately and slowly re-warm your skin.


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