Cold Snap

We had a real cold snap a few days ago. Now Fairfield is as cold as a witch’s tit. Everything is covered in ice and getting around is much slower, but at least it’s not windy. I’m glad winter has finally arrived, as it is supposed to. I was wondering if winter had passed us by this year.

Thankfully, I have a pair of Get-A-Grip’s. This marvellous invention fits to the bottom of my shoes and provides perfect grip even on sheet ice. There are six little steel spikes on each foot providing sure footing for me while everyone else struggles to stand up.



2 Responses to “Cold Snap”

  1. Bruce Says:

    but what about the smarties sitting down while they get around in their nice warm and cosy cars – beats crampons anyday

  2. Andrew Says:

    In the time that it takes the smarties to stand in the snow and scrape all the ice off their cars and warm them up, I would have already arrived at work.

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