BP Spills Coffee: Very Funny

May 1, 2010

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November 24, 2009

I am now focussing on my SunYogi Blog. This blog is no longer being updated.

Update: I just went through KiwiYogi blog and deleted 218 posts – 60% of this blog – mainly stuff about American politics and McCain/Palin.

Number Plate

September 23, 2009

Picture 1

I saw this number plate on a car today:


See if you can work it out. I’ll put the answer in the comments below.

St Kentigern School

September 11, 2009

My primary school, St Kentigern School, is celebrating it 50th anniversary. My parents went to an open-day and saw this photo on display. I’m the fourth from the right in the blue shirt with the red shoulders. Circa 1981.

Picture 1

Strange Clouds

August 25, 2009


From the Sydney Morning Herald:

They are called Morning Glory clouds and, says NASA, no-one is quite sure what causes them.

This shot was taken by photographer Mick Petroff from a plane near the Gulf of Carpentaria and posted online by NASA.

A Morning Glory cloud can roll for 1000 kilometres at altitudes up to two kilometres high.

These, over Burketown in Queensland happen every spring, says NASA.

The picture above reminds me of this:


Huge flying craft of some sort produced wakes in a cloud layer in this image captured by a NASA environmental satellite.

(Washington, D.C.) In a startling image collected by a NASA environmental satellite over two years ago, evidence of huge objects flying through the atmosphere can been seen in the wakes they produced in a low cloud layer.

The image shows evidence of several unidentified objects of varying sizes, all flying in formation, at a very low altitude over the Indian Ocean. The area is too remote to be covered by radar.

ecoEnquirer asked famed image analysis expert William B. Davis his opinion of the image. “This is truly amazing”, said Mr. Davis, between long drags on his trademark cigarette. “I’ve drawn these black lines (see image, above) where I think the UFO’s are located, based upon the cloud wakes they produced. It looks like several smaller craft and one large lead craft are all escorting a huge Mother ship of some sort. The Mother ship looks to be at least several miles in diameter.”

Based upon the wakes produced in the clouds, Mr. Davis said the flying objects were travelling at a very great speed — about 4,000 to 6,000 miles per hour. Their great size is sure to challenge generally accepted size ranges for UFOs, which are usually approximately the size of human-piloted aircraft.

“Spaceships of this size would be difficult to hide from humans, which is likely the reason why they are flying in such a remote region”, explained Davis. “Kind of reminds you of that movie, ‘Independence Day’, doesn’t it?”

Stephen’s Stag Party

August 22, 2009

My brother Stephen:

SDS Stag 4




District 9

August 13, 2009

I went and saw this movie today. I didn’t know anything about it beforehand, except for the trailer which didn’t give much away.


Go and see it. It is not what you expect.

See this movie.


Man On Wire

July 19, 2009



This is a very good documentary. I saw it on DVD the other night. Highly recommended.

On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit, a French wire walker, juggler, and street performer days shy of his 25th birthday, spent 45 minutes walking, dancing, kneeling, and lying on a wire he and friends strung between the rooftops of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

This documentary uses contemporary interviews, archival footage, and recreations to tell the story of his previous walks between towers of Notre Dame and of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, his passions and friendships, and the details of the night before the walk: getting cable into the towers, hiding from guards, and mounting the wire.

It ends with observations of the profound changes the walk’s success brought to Philippe and those closest to him.

Obama Family in Russia

July 6, 2009


Trunk Monkey

July 6, 2009

This is really funny and well worth watching.